Average Word Count for A Blog Post to Get More Traffic

You people are already familiar with the term “Content Is King”. Content marketers and bloggers repeatedly ask about the good average word count for a blog post. Let’s talk about all those estimated word counts for your blog posts in accordance with your area of activity.

Is Word Count Significant for A Blog Post?

Word count is essential for a piece of content. However, it barely matters once your content is of excellent quality. It is relatively better to compose a shorter piece of article with exclusive yet innovative content and extremely precise instead of dragging length on a blog post with more than 3000 words so the content will not be appealing for the reader. Progressively more readers no longer have enough time to read out complete articles, they leap over them! Hence, focus your blog posts so that you don’t miss a reader besides the way. You can search for several word counter software applications such as word count calculator which assists you to get the ideal and perfect length for your article.

Evolution of Ideal Word Count ina Blog Post

The average word count for a blog post is flanked by 500 to 800 words, occasionally even shorter. For instance, Seth Godin “A Former Entrepreneur of America” creates very shorter articles, around 200 words and still his statistics are just excellent! Why? Just because it owns an outstanding reputation and it is directly related with superb content.

Though unluckily, it is not fundamental for those who get on blogging. A research was conducted with the intention of recognizing the link amongst social networking as well as the extent of content. As stated by this research, content that was amongst 3000 to 10000 typically acquire more sharing. Though similar research was also conducted and the outcomes were relatively different. Lastly, it was found that ideal word count for a blog post is about 2,450 words.

In the year 2016, “Backlinko” a famous SEO blog illustrated that a good average word count to appear in Google results was precisely 1,890 words for a single article. Even though the ideal word count in these aforementioned studies fluctuates, it is evident that long formed content is most proficient in all aspects.


Why Do Long Articles Work Well?

Long blog posts typically cover a topic comprehensively whereas a shorter blog post will leap over information. The longer a blog post will, hence, be supposed as more subjective. Furthermore, the readers initialize the content; they no longer go through with complete words. Jacob Nielsen, a UX and computer ergonomics specialist; considers that visitors read around 20% of a blog post!!!

Mentioned below are a few points describe in detail regarding the actual ideal length for a blog post:

  • 75 to 300 words are dreadful for search engines and will not attain any consideration on social media. Anticipate low or zero shares, specifically if you are planning for LinkedIn shares. Nevertheless, this is a perfect article length to encourage discussion as well as comments.
  • 300 to 600 words are acknowledged as an ideal standard article length. This length possibly works to boost up shares on social media flanked by your readership. Not in case you are a novice blogger. This is only an idyllic blog post in case you are a consistent blogger who has been about for a while, with dedicated readers. This blog post length doesn’t get authority value that gets ranking in Google.
  • 750 words are what consistent bloggers would choose as an idyllic article length. Why? Just because this is the standard editorial length for magazines and news. It boosts inbound linking from other sites and encourages a perfect deal for social media shares. Completely safe to rank in Google.
  • 1000 to1500 are just perfect in case you want to explain a point. This is an ideal article length for publicizing how-to content. Comments might be comparative with whether the article you published needs additional discussion. Though, if it is explanatory, anticipate low comments. In case it is debatable though, anticipate a greater deal of remarks to flow.
  • Around 2000 words attain higher consideration from Google. Validates authority above keyword you want to rank for. On the other hand, this is only an idyllic article length in case there is a requirement for your stuff. Or else, your lengthy blog post will come upon deaf ears. This will be a complete wastage of time.

The Impact of Blog Post Length

Typically, lengthier content ranks better in the search engine in comparison with shorter content. For numerous article marketers, SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position) is one of the key objectives for every single piece of content. A lengthier blog post is also interrelated with more frequently in comparison with shorter posts. Though, shorter content can work too. The actual word count for a blog post can easily be measured with the support of a sophisticated word counter tool provided by duplichecker.com.

For example, this blog post has 12 shares on social media. Social shares undoubtedly are not a sign of victory, though it is sensible to assume that authentic readers of this blog LIKED this blog post, its material didn’t stimulate viral shares. Once more, a span of content is a creation of what you are attempting to get with that https://www.duplichecker.com/word-count-checker.php.

An ideal post must not surpass a time limitation of above seven minutes which makes around 2,100 words in total. This aligns with a study formerly conducted, which specified that averagely, top 10 results for several search engine findings are stuck between 2,032 to 2,416 words. Hypothetically, prolonged content has a greater chance of delivering search engines an idea of the topic and topic of the page.

An individual’s reading performance is never consistent all the time though is based upon elements just like your emotive condition on the day, how much time you actually have and levels of interest. It doesn’t mean we have to start pushing our blog posts to match content length that goes around 7 minutes ideally. Great content performs outstandingly irrespective of length, as well as lousy content definitely doesn’t get well. Keep a check on your count with the help of a word counter tool!

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