10 Best Camping Knives For Camping in 2018 and Buyers Guide.

best camping knives

Looking for some of the best camping knives? Well if the answer is yes, then we are here to help you out.
As you are already aware of the fact that the market is filled with different camping knives. So the question is which one is better among them?

Well just to help you out, we have handpicked some of the best camping knives. So you can easily get the best one for yourself. So simply go ahead and check out the list of best camping knives:

10 Best Camping Knives For Camping in 2018:

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Grand Way Spring Assisted Knife – Pocket Folding KnifeBuy Now
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Kershaw Chive Pocket KnifeBuy Now
Under Control Tactical Best Fixed Blade Hunting KnifeBuy Now
OutNowTech VANTAGE Multi-Purpose Folding Pocket KnifeBuy Now
Grand Way Tactical Knife – Survival Fixed Blade KnifeBuy Now
Grand Way Tactical KnifeBuy Now
Grand Way Flipper Knife – Folding Pocket KnifeBuy Now

Atomic Bear Tactical Knife – Folding Pocket Knives:

At first, in our Best Camping knives list is the Tactical Knife produced by Atomic Bear. Its blade is made with Semi Serrated Stainless Steel which helps to cut through the things easily and black oxide layer helps its blade to stay long last and protects the blade from corrosion as well.

G-10 Performance handle ensures a secure & confident grip. Also, gives a beautiful skeleton style and textured look to the knife. It can also be folded and unfolded while use which makes it easy to carry anywhere. One can even keep it in the pocket of their pants without any worry. It can easily cut through things such as cardboard, rope, wood, fish, fishing line, deer, seatbelt, etc. It can also be used in multiple ways, either for forward grip or reverse grip.

Not only for camping, this knife also works as a weapon and can be used for self defense when needed. It comes with an unbelievable lifetime warranty. With all such features its best to be considered in our best camping knives list.

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Grand Way Spring Assisted Knife – Pocket Folding Knife:

Next, we have a spring assisted knife in our best camping knives list. The blade of this one is made of stainless steel with black oxide coating which provides great quality, non corrosiveness and sharpness to the blade. One can easily sharpen the blade as well. The blades are made to be cut through different types of materials with ease.

The handle is built with metal with finger grooves and notches for better grip. So can be easily held on hand while use with comfortable and stiff grip.

The knife can be foldable and has a liner lock which is dirt resistant and prevents unexpected closure. If we talk about the look, so it’s a Military style knife where the whole handle and cap are coated with military style design which looks attractive and no one can ignore it. It comes with 100% money back guarantee and flat 10 years warranty.

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Grand Way Knife Fixed Blade:

Up next in our Best camping knives list we have Grand way fixed blade. Basically, the blade is made of durable stainless steel which ensures an excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance. The blade is extremely sharp and durable, provides superior control and greater down pressure during using.

The knife can be used for camping as it’s light weighted and can be carried easily. Not only that, but one can also use it for self defense training exercises. The handle comes with a patterned that provides comfort, and high friction grip for handling into hand and doesn’t slip while use in any conditions. The knife can use for chopping small limbs, cutting, preparing tinder for a fire, carve tools, etc.

There is a free bonus as well, and a free sheath also comes with the knife which allows you to wear the knife on your belt. The sheath is also made with high quality heavy duty black cordura fabric.

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Kershaw Chive Pocket Knife:

Here comes the Kershaw chive pocket knife in our best camping knives list. The knife is basically small, but that doesn’t mean it’s no comparison to other knives. The small structure provides facilities such as compatibility, grip, lightweight, easy to carry. If we talk about the blade, well that’s made with high carbon steel which offers excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. The handle is built with durable stainless steel with the coating of a non-reflective matte bead blast.

It’s capable of doing cutting tasks such as cutting zip ties, stripping small wires, slicing fruit and removing staples, etc. The blade can be sharpening easily as well. The handle comes with various security features, i.e., speed safe assisted opening, secure frame lock, tip lock slider, and convenient single position pocket clip. So basically, it can be folded with high protection as well as can be easily carried to camping places and others too.

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Under Control Tactical Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knife:

Here we have the highest quality & Professional grade – Best fixed Blade hunting knife in our best camping knives list. The company calls it the #1 knife fixed blade knife. Well, the blade is built with super rugged gauge stainless steel which cuts everything you want and even protects from corrosion. The handle is beautiful real burl wood which gives military grade look to the knife. It’s also a lightweight product which you can carry easily.

Basically, the knife is made to stay last long, durable and rugged. Moreover, the knife is lightweight and works fine for everyday use. Also, a free real and classic brown leather sheath is offered with the purchase of knife which is used for keeping the knife attached to the belt of the pant.

The company even assures 100% satisfaction guarantee to the consumers. That means you can take it to any places and use it without any worry.

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OutNowTech VANTAGE Multi-Purpose Folding Pocket Knife:

Up next, we have VANTAGE Multi-Purpose Folding Pocket Knife by OutNowTech. This knife is one the best out of other best camping knives. Why? Well, It is basically a folding knife with 7 different features, i.e., handles everything you want to cut, with straight and serrated cutting edges, a built-in bottle opener, a recessed blade for cutting cords or belts, a glass breaker tip, detachable firestarter rod, and a detachable LED mini-flashlight. Isn’t it great?

The blade is built with sturdy quality stainless steel with high quality comfortable and gripping plastic handles. Its durable, long lasting and corrosive resistant. This multi-use knife comes in 2 different color – Black and Blue. A pouch to carry it is also offered with the knife which makes it easy to carry, even in a pocket.

You can use it for Survival purposes such as while camping, hiking, or even at home with ease. It has 30 days no-quibble guarantee as well as a Lifetime warranty.

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Grand Way Tactical Knife – Survival Fixed Blade Knife:

Now, we have Survival fixed blade knife in our best camping knives list. The blade comes with recurved drop point shape and is sharpened on one side. It’s made with Sharp Stainless Steel with black stone washing. Stainless Steel gives strength to the knife and Black stone coating offers an attractive look with corrosive resistant protection. The handle is made with a textured rubber material which provides a non-slip surface for handling.

At the end of the hand, there is a hole for safety cord or land yard. The knife comes with a heavy duty and reliable sheath and a convenient nylon made a belt loop for carrying the knife safely. With all these features you can use the knife in hunting, fishing, hiking, utility, bushcraft, camping, survival, and other outdoor activities.

Due to its beautiful design, study & strong quality, and durability, you can even use it as a gift for someone. The Grand Way company also offers a 10 year warranty.

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Continuing our Best Camping knives article, we have now Fixed Blade Hunting Knife for you. It is one of the beautiful knives you will ever see. The sharpness, hardness and beautiful edges to the blade are given by Stainless Steel which has a high amount of Carbon. The handle is designed with non skid material and delivered a beautiful white color to it.

A stylish real brown leather also comes with the product. That also looks astonished and provides easy to carry & safety protection to the knife. The knife itself assures lifelong safety, ultra-lightness, durability, beauty as well as sturdy &ultra-sharpness.

This heavy duty survival material can be used for camping, hunting, hiking, adventure, self-defense and home use. It is also a perfect gift for Halloween or Christmas. The even assures 100% satisfaction to the consumers. Moreover, 100% money back guarantee without any question if the consumer is not satisfied.

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Grand Way Tactical Knife:

This is another Tactical Knife produced by Grand Way. The blade of this knife is powered by sturdy stainless steel which ensures an excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance. The knife is supported by a black groove standard quality handle with better grip & comfortability. It’s lightweight as well as due to plastic handle and compatible to carry and hold.

It has a reliable and straightforward liner lock which is Equipped with the thumb studs for one-hand opening. The handle has a Ferro rod which burns up while striking against the blade which is very necessary for campfire occasions or for survival conditions.

This one is best suited for Camping, Hiking, Survival, Backpack, Bush crafting, Hunting, Fishing, Self Defense, Military & Army needs, Outdoor & DIY Activities, Emergencies. Like every other best camping knives by Grand Way, It also has a 10 year warranty with this knife.

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Grand Way Flipper Knife – Folding Pocket Knife:

The brand Grand Way offers most of the best camping knives, this is another one. Flipper Knife is the best folding pocket knife with beautiful looks, strength, and durability. The blade of this knife is strengthened with Matte Stainless Steel which offers an excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance. The handle is made with G10 high quality plastic material which provides strength to the whole body of the knife, and stiff grip that offers comfortability to hold in hand.

It has a reliable and straightforward liner-lock which prevents unexpected closure. It is also equipped with a ball-bearing pivot system which provides a fast opening. This knife is foldable so can be carry in the pocket with full safety.

This best pocket knife works perfectly everywhere, i.e., Camping, Hiking, Backpack, &Fishing, Military & Army needs, Survival, Bush crafting, Hunting, Self Defense, Emergencies and Outdoor & DIY Activities. This one also has 10 year warranty by Grand Way Brand.

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So those were some of the best camping knives. Now the question is how to pick the right knife for your camping trip? Well if you have this question in your head. Then we have got you covered as well.
Go ahead and read the best camping knives buyers guide and you will get a basic idea about how to pick the best camping knives.

Best Camping Knives Buyers Guide:

Fixed or Folding?

The first decision that you need to make is whether you should go with a fixed or folding knife. But before that, you need to ask yourself this question: Why you want to get a knife?

Well, some campers want a knife to open packages. Also, some campers want to cut down woods. Even some campers want to cut words for the campfire.

Talking about the folding knives, well the folding knives are smaller in size, and it is highly portable. Like you can put it in your pocket. As well as it is excellent for light tasks.

But if you are going to perform some heavy duty tasks. Then a folding knife would not be a good option. So you better go with a fixed knife.

What are you cutting?

The second thing that you need to consider is what are you going to cut using the knife. As each and every knife is specially designed for a specific task.

However, knives are based on the three things. These things are the shape of the knife, the heat treatment and the steel used.

The shape of the knife plays an important role. Since it decides which type of task the knife would be able to perform. For example, if you want to cut thick ropes then a hawkbill or recurve blade knife would be best for you.

Also because of durability reasons, you better go for a knife that comes with heat treated steel.


The last thing you need to consider is the size of the knife. If the knife is too large, then you will not be able to use for small tasks. Also on the other hand if the knife is too small, then you will not be able to use heavy duty tasks.

So you better focus on getting a knife has a size between 9 and 11 inches. No matter if you are getting a foldable or fixed knife.

So these are some of the things that you need to consider while buying one of the best camping knives. Now go ahead and check the knives out and see which one is working the best for you. Also if you do have any questions, then do feel free to leave a comment below and we will surely help you out.

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