Ethernet slip ring and its models – Everything You Need To Know

It is an electrical connector which can get 100M to 100M Ethernet data that is passed from stationary to rotating part on same time. It is specially designed for 250 MHz to transfer 100M to 1000m Ethernet signals with the advantage of no string code, low insertion loss, reliable transmitting, low return loss, and no packet loss. This is a ubiquitous LAN technology. It is usually a common iteration is IEEE 802.3. It has been produced to give dependable products that allow the Ethernet protocol to transfer through a rotating interface.

Functionality of Ethernet signals

The Ethernet innovational products meet the challenges of managing losses, matching impedance, and controlling cross talk. The Ethernet combined to transfer 1 to 22 circuits power that current is about 2 to 20A HDMI, USB, and different types of signals. It can compare with the market’s products no packet loss, no high insertion, low return loss, and reliable transmitting.

The Ethernet is in a wide collection of slip rings that are offered with the combination of power and data in mechanical configuration to meet your needs. The best method is to use cables are TIA, ANSI, EIA 568, ISO, and IEC 11801. The cabling standards are not written specifically for networking components. This method needs a clear understanding of IEEE 802.3 performance judicious and parameter use of the information gained from the cable testers. The IEEE 802.3 and ANSI, EIA 568 are conservative so, there is no need to add any cushion or safety factors.


  • Motion control
  • 10, 100, 1000 base T transmission
  • CCTV IP – Surveillance
  • Video over Ethernet

Features of Ethernet slip ring

  • The Ethernet have max8 channels in a one slip ring
  • It can combine with pneumatic/ hydraulic slip ring and power
  • It has standard Ethernet cables connection
  • The Ethernet can transfer 10, 100, 100 M base T
  • The Ethernet hole size is about 12.7mm, OD 56mm
  • The Ethernet has a high signal to noise ratio and low BER rate with US military plating technology
  • It can contact with precious metal and gold plating with anti-oxidant and resistance for long life working
  • The 50 percent Ethernet slip rings are customized

The Ethernet Model list is given below



Power signal circuit numberThe channels numberL {length} mm
Signal 0 to 2APOWER 0 to 10 APOWER 0 to 20A


The model list of Ethernet with their power and hole size

Model numberODChannel numberThrough hole sizeSignal and power circuits number
ETH 02222mm1 to 2Solid1 to 16
ETH1256- 0156mm112.7mm1 to 24
ETH256- 0256mm212.7mm1 to 24
ETH2586- 0186mm125.4mm1 to 48
ETH2586- 0286mm225.4mm1 to 48
ETH3899- 0199mm138.1mm1 to 56
ETH3899- 0299mm238.1mm1 to 56
ETH50119- 01119mm150mm1 to 72
ETH50119-02119mm250mm1 to 72


The transferring of gigabit Ethernet was checked by the use of a Sr36m. scientifically it is connected with 36 electrical connections. The file is transferred between a laptop and pc that used a slip ring connector. The Ethernet parameter should establish the noise ratio of transferred the ultimate bit error rate and transmission life. The Ethernet slip ring is chosen Moop slip rings that are proved uniquely suitable. The Ethernet slip rings are compared with noise budget and system loss or the designed system of receiver and transmitter. This is actually a useful way where network programs are mostly different from 802.3 values.

Example of Ethernet slip ring are given below

EMO22-12, E means 1000 M part no. description, OD 22 mm, M 022 solid, refer to list of model

ETH 1256-01-04s E means 1000 M part no. description, H1256, hole size 12.7 mm, channel 100 M to 1000 M base T

This kind of slip can easily transmit the analog or data signals, Ethernet, Fire wire, CANBUS, RH, and USB. THE Ethernet integrates high frequency, signal, and data into one unit to save the installation space and lower the height. It has certified by the patent technology. This can achieve sercos 111 signals transmission. Its requirement in industries of high-frequency slip rings is 4.0 111 sercos. It is a ready-made connector that makes a convenient connection with the fast plugin. The Ethernet slip ring is a unit that integrates the hydraulic/ pneumatic slip ring joints meets the technical challenges. It has an advanced design that can achieve an outer diameter in size 5.5 mm and a through the hole up to 120 mm. The slip ring with Ethernet can run sensor, a control circuit, and power from a stationary structure to a rotating platform. This type ofusb slip ring can carries control signals and power from through copper channel.

The specification of Ethernet slip ring

Ethernet has 1 channel is about 100 to 100 base T. It has RJ45 connectors.

                              Mechanically Ethernet slip ring data


Working temperature–        30 Degree Celsius to 80 Degree Celsius
Housing materialAluminum alloy
Working lifeRefer slip ring table
Contact materialRefer slip ring table
Mechanical vibrationMIL- STD- 810- E
Rotating speedRotating slip ring table
torque0.1 Nm, +0.03Nm/ 6 circuits
Work humidity0 to 85 percent RH
MaterialRoHS Compliant


Electrically Ethernet slip ring data


signal   Power
Lead wire spaceAwg 17 # silver –plated teflon wireAwg 17 # silver –plated teflon wire
Leas wire lengthStandard 300 mm 
Voltage space0 to 440 VAC/ VDC0 to 440 VAC / VDC
Electrical noise<10 
Insulation resistance>1000 M/ > 500M>1000 M/ > 500M
electrical noise<0.01 
Dielectric strength500 VAC at 50 Hz, 60s 
CE certificateYes 



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