Everything You Need To Know About Managed cPanel Hosting

Everything You Need To Know About Managed cPanel Hosting

There are hundreds of websites that are created and launched every day. When it comes to launching a website, the first thing that comes to mind is a hosting service. With the increasing number of websites, it is clear that hosting is booming. There are numerous web hosting services that exist out there. However, you need to choose a hosting service based on your website requirements. The increasing number of web hosting companies has given rise to stiff competition in the market.

In order to choose the right web hosting company, you need to first determine the type of hosting you need. This is again dependent on the needs of your website. There are different types of web hosting services out there. One of the most common hosting plans is managed cPanel hosting. This particular type of web hosting is quite popular because it makes managing a website so much easier.

What is cPanel hosting?

To define it in simple terms, a control panel that is known to handle your Linux based hosting is called cPanel hosting. The main advantage of using cPanel hosting is that even non-tech people can manage web hosting without any professional help. It is easy to manage. cPanel is mainly used by people for their daily basic tasks including management, email, and administration.

The main reason for the popularity of cPanel hosting is its user-friendly interface. With the help of this particular type of hosting you can easily create and reset passwords, email accounts, etc. this is one of the best kind of hosting plans you can opt for. Not just that, but cPanel also comes with a lot of useful features. These features make it easier for users to manage their hosting service.

Benefits of cPanel hosting

cPanel web hosting has a lot of benefits to offer to users. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to opt for cPanel hosting. The main benefits of cPanel hosting can be summed into the following pointers.

  1. Full Control

One of the many advantages of using cPanel hosting is that it gives you full control over all your applications. You can control both the hardware and software applications with the help of cPanel hosting. Starting from shutting down your server to reboot your operating system, you can do it all with cPanel hosting.

  1. Backup and Scalability

When you incorporate cPanel in your web hosting plan, you can be assured of the fact that your data is safe. With the help of cPanel hosting you can back-up your data any time you want. This is made possible because of the integrated backup features of cPanel. Not just that, but you can also scale cPanel based on your web hosting plan.

  1. Pre-installed cPanel

The best thing about cPanel hosting is that you already get pre-installed cPanel. This means you don’t have to take the pain of downloading the cPanel separately.

Now that you know the basic points about cPanel web hosting, you will be able to decide better whether it is the right hosting plan for you or not.

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