Here Are The Best Web Design Practices For 2019.

Here Are The Best Web Design Practices For 2019.

Web design has always been an integral part of a brand’s online presence. The way you showcase your brand through your website speaks volumes about its traits. This is why the design of your website is something that should be chosen with care. Without proper design, you may not be able to scale your business and you may lose customers. Ideal web design enables you to succeed in turning your website’s visitors into customers. The design of your website is well worth the effort because 48% of people judge your brand based on your website.

Here are the best practices of web design that you need to know about.

Choice Of Color Is Important

The web design should have a color scheme that suits your brand. You want your website to be distinct and memorable. However, you need to ensure that people are comfortable with the use of colors on your website. It must not be jarringly bright nor should be very pale or dull. The website should have a balanced color composition keeping in tandem with your brand image. It must also allow users to read what is on your website with ease.

The choice of color is vital.

Web Design Should Be Mobile Responsive

Did you know 80% of people will not visit your site again if the website is not properly displayed on their mobiles? Mobile friendliness should be your priority as the quantum of mobile users has increased greatly. You need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. This increases the chances of mobile users visiting your website from their mobiles. If your website loses its appeal on the mobile due to a lack of mobile responsiveness then you are going to lose potential customers.

Quick Loading Speed

A fast loading website is an essential component of web design. People are willing to wait no longer than 3 seconds. If your website does not load in that time frame then you are going to lose over 40% of your visitors which is a lot. This is why you should carefully consider the size of your website and you must ensure that the loading speed is no more than 2 seconds if you really want to attract visitors who could transform into potential customers.

Opt For Simple Navigation

Navigation is one of the main aspects of your website’s design. If the website visitor can find what they are searching for quickly, then they are more likely to trust your brand. Your aim should be to ensure a website visitor is able to find what they need quickly. You should add a search bar, enable them to go to the top of the page easily and provide contact information where it is easy to find. Don’t make your navigation menu cluttered and instead choose to have a maximum of 6 options.

Use the Right Photos And Images

One of the most important aspects of web design is to be able to include the best images on your website. Ideally, you can depict information using visual tools as more people are able to recall that easily. Research states that more than 37% of the entire population learns visually with ease. When you put in the effort to have the best images on your website, you are more likely to have higher conversion rates and people are going to spend more time on your website as well.

Make Sure You Brand Right

You don’t want to give mixed messages regarding your brand which is why it is important that you take care of how your brand image is projected. You should be consistent so that people are clear about what your brand stands for. You should ensure that you are using the same color schemes, logos, and language on your entire website. Be consistent when you have pages on social media websites so that people are clear and can trust your brand.

Branding is important

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