How to Generate multiple words from single word

If you search the word game on play store or on google then you will get a lot of games, likegta, pubgetc , but all these games are informative? No, not at all, these all games are for time pass.

If you search on play store for word games then you will some number of games, these games are actually are to increase your vocabulary, and your knowledge. These games are similar to puzzles games, that will open your mind, you have to think to clear each and every step. There are also some shortcuts to solve that puzzle, you can use anagram server to solve but I recommend you to don’t do this , only use your own mind it will increase your thinking power.

How to generate multiple words from single word:

Well! This is the main task in such type of games, some of the alphabets are given and you have to make multiple words from that alphabets, let’s take example of “keywords” , from the word “keywords ” you can make multiple words by rearranging its alphabets, you can make “dower + sky”,  “works” “word syk” etc and much more, it’s all up to your thinking power  that how much you can think and how much you can make different words.


There are always some benefits and drawbacks for each and every work. Similarly these type of game also have some kind of positive points and some negative points, positive points are ,your thinking power will be shoot, after some time you will be able to think even more quickly and sharp, you can see the things more clearly, and  I think this is the biggest advantage of these types of games.

The negative point is if you play these games in class rooms, then you studies will effect. Your time will be wasted. But if you play these game in you spare time then there is no negative point for such games. Ill recommend you to play these games only when you are free or after your classes and your home work.


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