How to login into Liteblue: Complete Guide

How to login into Liteblue: Complete Guide

This article briefs you about the LiteBlue USPS website, its service and as well, we are going to guide you through the login procedures of the LiteBlue USPS to experience and make utmost use of the online management portal designed specifically for the USPS employees.

United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the world’s fastest, reliable and well-organized postal service. They now facilitating an official online portal service called “LiteBlue” for their employees. Where employees easily get access to theirwork-related information, payroll services and as well as it facilitates communication between the USPS members.

Starting from a small network or business to any wide-spread organization, each and every entity requires a proper management site or a database management system that facilitates their employees or their community to easily access their required information and make use of the services offered. That being said, being one of the biggest and a well-established postal network throughout the world, USPS as well required a proper tool to manage their employee’s information and there comes the LiteBlue which facilitates the above-said requirement.

Through their online service, employees easily get access to the status of their employment, work, recognition, revenue, products and their career opportunities or guidelines and so on within their community.

Instructions to Log On to LiteBlue service:

Note:  This service is designated only for the residents of the United States, who are the member of the USPS and has an account and it’s strictly not for any other person. In case of any attempt to log in by any unauthorized person, they are liable for any consequences or even prosecution.

  • To start-up with, browse for in your browser which takes you to the LiteBlue USPS main login page.
  • At the bottom of the page, you can see a section to Login. Requesting your Employee ID and the USPS password.
  • Your employee ID is the unique identification employment number with 8 digits, which is printed on your identity card provided at your work and also you can see this number in your earnings statement, which would be printed on top of the “Employee ID”.
  • Your USPS password is going to be your Self Service Password (SSP) as of April 28, 2014. That is used to access all your self-service USPS applications. If just in case, if you have not yet set up your password or forgotten the same, you can reset it through the “Forget Your Password” option link, which is below the “Log On” tab.
  • Click on the tab “Log On”, after you enter your credentials.
  • And that’s it, you would be taken to your account page, where you can access all your work-related information and the services offered.

List of few basic features of the LiteBlue service

LiteBlue service serves almost 6,50,000 employees with their enormous work-related service. Just highlighting a few of the services below for employees to get benefited.

  • Users/ Employees can maintain their work profile efficiently andalso get access totheir work-related information.
  • Employees as well get to know more about the benefits in their employment offered by the government.
  • This acts as a medium to connect the low-level employees to the higher level authorities at one place.
  • One other prominent service is the multi-lingual support, apart from English it also offers Spanish and Chinese.
  • This as well includes few other portals like EPayroll for maintaining and track your payroll services,ERetire and PortalEase to check the status and change benefits if required.

Apart from the employees of USPS, they also have a portal for the people to track down their package details.

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