Top 5 Uses of Gbwhatsapp That You Don’t Know

Top 5 Uses of Gbwhatsapp That You Don’t Know

GbWhatsapp is the modified version of the WhatsApp. And it is also the most popular modded version of WhatsApp.

What is modified version?

Modified version means that someone actually modified or changed the actual code of the application. And tweaked the original source code to meet his needs and requirements.

And most of the time developers do it to enhance the features and capabilities of the application.

Just like any other popular application has it modded applications. WhatsApp also has many different types of modded applications.

But GbWhatsapp is the most used modded application of WhatsApp compared to any other else.

Let us look how GbWhatsapp can help you to make your life easy.

Top 5 Uses of GbWhatsapp

Send More Media

Now if you use GbWhatsapp instead of WhatsApp you can actually send more number of images at once. You can only send 30 photos simultaneously in WhatsApp but in GbWhatsapp you can send 90 images at once.

Send Larger Media

In WhatsApp you can only send files up to 15mb of size. But in GbWhatsapp you can send video files up to 50mb.

And that is really great. Because sometimes you really want to send larger video files and WhatsApp doesn’t allows you. As compared to the original application GbWhatsapp allows you to send files worth up to 50 mb at once.

Hide Double and Blue Tick

Sometimes you don’t want people to know that you have received their message in the WhatsApp. But WhatsApp doesn’t allows you to change this setting.

But GbWhatsapp allows you to change this setting. You can actually set GbWhatsapp in a way that it will hide the double tick from your contacts.  This is said to be the best feature and also the highest rated feature by users from all over the world.

Not only you can use GbWhatsapp to hide double tick but you can also use GbWhatsapp to hide blue tick. Blue tick in WhatsApp signals the other person has read your message.

And many times although you want to read the message but don’t want the other person to know that you have read the message.

And GbWhatsapp can help you to do that. Because it can hide your double ticks and blue ticks.

Copy Status

In WhatsApp you are not allowed to copy the status of other people. And that is a drawback. Because many times you like your contacts status and you really like to use it.

But you are not able to do that in WhatsApp but in GbWhatsapp you can do it easily.

Get More Emoji

If you are a emoji lover then you will love GbWhatsapp more. Because GbWhatsapp has more emojis compared to WhatsApp.

So you can use GbWhatsapp to send more emojis to your friend. Which is really great.

Final Words –

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