Artificial Intelligent can now generate memes

In today’s world, we see the existence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on almost everything. Like smart speakers are lying around our home. It’s on our smartphone’s camera, Different companies implementing AI in their products and so on. But now AI can also  generate memes.

According to a white paper named “Dank Learning” two Stanford University researchers, Abel L. Peirson and E. Meltem Tolunay explained about their project which can generate memes. According to the white paper, it is said that “We introduce a novel meme generation system, which given any image can produce a humorous and relevant caption. Furthermore, the system can be conditioned on not only an image but also a user-defined label relating to the meme template, giving a handle to the user on meme content.”

Basically, this AI system uses a pre-trained inception-v3 network which uses the attention-based deep-layer LSTM model to produce caption for memes. The widely recognised Show inspires the whole project and Tell Model.

Furthermore, the white paper also mentions that the Standford researchers have fed the system with more than 400,000 images and 2,600 unique image label-pairs from Most of these memes were the “advice animal” style memes that come with humorous captions. Also, the researchers had used a Python script to get done with all these jobs.

After that, they have instructed human subjects to judge the memes on hilarity and then asked them whether memes created by a person or the AI.

Also, the white paper says, “In this paper, we specifically refer to meme generation as the task of generating a humorous caption in a manner that is relevant to the initially provided image, which can be a meme template or otherwise.”

Moreover, the human subjects were able to detect 70 percent of the memes which were created by the neural network.

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