Top 10 Best GoPro Helmet Mount Reviewed in 2018

best GoPro helmet mount

Looking ahead to buy a best GoPro helmet mount? Well if the answer is yes then read on.

GoPro Helmet mounts are one of the most important things. If it is made of low-quality material then it can easily damage your camera.

But when it comes to finding the best GoPro helmet mount, it is not an easy task. Since there are a hell lot of options available out there. Hence to help you out, we have handpicked a couple of best GoPro helmet mounts for you.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Top 10 Best GoPro Helmet Mount Reviewed

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount (GoPro Official Mount)

best GoPro helmet mount

Starting off with the best one, this is the official GoPro Helmet mount by GoPro. With the help of these mounts, you can easily mount your GoPro to the front side of your helmet. Additionally, the package comes along with a side helmet mount as well.

The overall package also includes the Swivel Mount assembly, with the help of which you can easily rotate and adjust the orientation of your GoPro camera. Also, it includes an easier-to-use integrated mounting buckle for more flexibility. The mounts are compatible with all of the available GoPro cameras. Overall it is the best GoPro helmet mount that you can try out.

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Adhesive Mounts for GoPro Cameras

best GoPro helmet mount

These adhesive mounts by Nordic Flash™ come in a bundle of 3 Curved and 3 Flat adhesive mounts. All of the adhesive mounts are completely compatible with all of the available GoPro cameras including the Hero 5, Hero 4, Hero 3+ and the Hero 3.

Moreover, the adhesive mounts are of great build quality and come along with a great amount of work-ability. It can be easily attached on almost any surface and the adhesive pads can be removed using the application of heat (such as, from the hairdryer).

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best GoPro mount package available to bear skiing, mountain biking, motocross, water sports, climbing, and other action sports.

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SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

best GoPro helmet mount

This motorcycle helmet chin mount is one of the best choices out there, especially for the bikers and riders. The multi-function helmet mount kit has it’s very own specialized accessories.

The people at Surewo do their best to mix and match almost all of the parts and accessories, so the user does not come across any redundant accessories and so that every accessory has it’s very own function.

The overall mount is made up of total 4 joints connected together with screws. This helps the mount to be flexible as well. It comes along with a safety rope and buckles ensuring dual protection.

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MotoRadds Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro

best GoPro helmet mount

This is another option of the GoPro mount within the specific category of the motorcycle helmet mounts. The chin mount has got hinged wings for various curvatures in the helmets. It can be easily mounted and gets secured, ensured by the heavy duty 3M tape. The motorcycle helmet mount by MotoRadds has a strong build quality along with a lightweight design.

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AmazonBasics Head Strap Camera Mount for GoProbest GoPro helmet mount

The AmazonBasics head strap camera mount can be a great choice if you are looking for head strap camera mounts specifically. The head strap type camera mounts that we are talking about right now is waterproof.

Additionally, it is also compatible with most of the GoPro cameras including the Hero 6, Hero 5, Hero 4, and the and HERO Session as well. The head strap has only one size but it can fit all sizes of helmets and heads.

The head strap is generally the most ideal choice if you want hands free filming experience along with shooting from your point of view. It is also another best GoPro helmet mount you must try out.

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Low Profile Helmet Swivel Mount For HERO Session Cameras (GoPro Official Mount) best GoPro helmet mount

This is one another official yest best GoPro helmet mount from GoPro specifically made for the Hero session cameras. So, the obvious thing is that it is going to support all of the Hero Session cameras.

With the help of this GoPro mount, you can easily position your hero session camera within multiple low profile frames and angles. Thanks to the mount’s flexibility you can also easily rotate your Hero session camera full 360 degrees on the go.

Moreover, the mount is specially designed keeping the easy access to the shutter button in mind. It also has multiple mounting options.

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GoPro Helmet Front Camera Mount best GoPro helmet mount

This is yet one another official mount coming straight from GoPro. This can be the best GoPro camera mount for you if you are willing to mount your GoPro camera in the front of your helmet.

It is mostly used by the skiers and snowboarders. Additionally, you can easily extend out the mount in the front of the helmet to turn back the camera to film yourself.

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The Accessory Pro® Aluminum NVG Mount

best GoPro helmet mount

The NVG Mount by Accessory Pro® is one of the most premium mounts out there for all of your favorite GoPro Hero cameras including the latest Hero 7, Hero 6, Hero 5, and all other variations out there. The NVG mount is made out of CNC machined aluminum. You can attach this mount to any of your available helmet along with an NVG (Night Vision Goggles) plate.

The mounting is undoubtedly pretty compact and perfect for low profile positioning or frames. The package includes 1 NVG Aluminum Mount and a pair of plastic thumb screw and bolt.

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AxPower Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kit

best GoPro helmet mount

This is undoubtedly one of the best GoPro helmet mount kits out there. This multifunction GoPro helmet mount kit is by AxPower. You are going to love this kit if you are a biker or rider.

The kit includes chin mount and J-Hook mount for your GoPro camera.  With the help of the provided mounts, you can easily attach your GoPro to two available positions out there.

The package includes 1 Helmet Chin Mount, 1 J-Hook Mount, 10 Adhesive Stickers, 2 Pairs of Flat Mount, 2 Pairs of Curved Mount, 1 Wrench, and 1 Safety Tether.

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Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro

best GoPro helmet mount

The last choice of ours in this top 10 list is going to be this full face chin mount for GoPro cameras. This GoPro camera mount is undoubtedly pretty easy to mount on your helmet and it is compatible with all of the full faced motorcycle helmets. The mount provides a perfect angle for POV filming. Moreover, the mount can be easily removed and transferred to another helmet.

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So those were a couple of best GoPro helmet mount that you must try out. Now go ahead and check these helmet mounts out and see which one of these working the best for you. Also for any questions, you can feel free to comment below.

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