Facebook Removes its iOS VPN app after Apple’s privacy objections

There is no doubt about how Apple is deploying touch rules for their app privacy. Hence as a result in the past couple of weeks, we have seen lots of iOS apps exit from the Apple App Store. Following the same, it also made Social Media Giant Facebook to pull its data security app from the App Store.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, it is said that Facebook is removing its VPN-based Onavo Protect program from the App Store after Apple warned the social network that it violated stricter policies which was enacted in June  that limit how and why software collects data

Onavo is an Israeli security firm which was acquired by Facebook in 2013. It is a flagship app that offers the users a hell of security features and access to VPN. However recently the Onavo Protect’s collection and analysis of user activity violated the new data collection limits of Apple.

However, on this, Apple did not clearly mention what went wrong. But they did mention that apps aren’t allowed to collect data about the list of installed apps for the sake of analytics and marketing. Further, they have also mentioned the apps should clearly mention what type of data they are collecting and how they are going to using it.

After the warning, Facebook went ahead and removed the app from Apple app store and by the time you are reading this news the app has gone. However in case if you still have the app installed on your iOS devices and not willing to uninstall it. Then do let us mention the fact that you will still be able to use the app. However, you will not receive any future updates for the app. In the end, let’s wait and watch if Facebook manage to follow all the app regulations or not. And bring the app back again on the Apple App store.

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