Facebook’s Watch Video Service is Now Worldwide

Facebook launched the Watch Video Service last year in the US, however now it is releasing globally. Facebook’s Watch Video Service is a platform that offers episodic TV content, and it was only available in the US for a year now. But now according to a new statement of theirs, it is being said that Facebook Video Watch Service will be “available everywhere” as of now.

Facebook’s goal over here is to give competition to YouTube. Even they have a revenue system for the publishers just like the YouTube. Facebook in its statement mentioned that “We are supporting publishers and creators globally in two critical areas: helping them to make money from their videos on Facebook and better understand how their content is performing.”

However, as of now, the Facebook Watch creators platform is available in four new countries apart from the US. These countries are the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The creators from these regions will be able to make money via the “Ad Breaks” service that appears between Facebook videos.

Facebook has also mentioned that the Watch Creators platform will roll out to another 21 countries in the next month. These countries will include France, Germany, Spain, Argentina, and Thailand. Also just like the YouTube it has some terms and conditions though. Facebook said that the minimum threshold to monetize a channel is to have 10,000 of followers. Or the creators need to generate more than 30,000 one minute views per month.

It is also said that Facebook will spend $2billions to generate new contents. But the question still remains will people be very quick to switch from other streaming services to Facebook’s Watch Video Service?

Well, it might happen, but not any time soon. Since there are lots of people, who have never heard of Facebook Watch Video Service.

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