Free Android Apps for Downloading YouTube Videos

Free Android Apps for Downloading YouTube Videos

YouTube is the best online video streaming service of the time. It is free to use, does not require any subscription and you can also save videos to your playlists. Today, being a YouTube uploader / streamer is a full-fledged job. The channel owners are also treated like celebrities and there are a lot of amazing videos that can be found on YouTube. Sadly, despite all of the greatness, there is one big flaw with the website app. That is, the lack of video downloading feature. To get rid of this issue, you can use some of the finest YouTube video downloading apps on Android. Here are the top five video downloading apps.


 VidMate ranks as the best video downloading app of the time. With VidMate, users can download YouTube videos for free. There is no need to download any external plugin when it comes to downloading YouTube videos. VidMate is absolutely safe to use and it is also safe from viruses or bugs. VidMate allows HD video downloading feature from YouTube (for free). Thus, people can download 720p (HD) videos for free. Moreover, you can also run VidMate on your Windows computers as well as cast it on your large screened TVs. Download VidMate APK from for Android to find out more about YouTube video downloading for free.


 TubeMate is one of the best YouTube downloading apps of the time. It has so many amazing features that people often get confused whether it is a YouTube downloader or something else. First and foremost, TubeMate is absolutely free to use and it also does not require any registration. It works amazingly on tablets and smartphones, and people can even use it on PCs and cast it on TVs. All you need is a Chromecast and you will be able to stream all of your TubeMate content on your large screened TVs. TubeMate even has a web browser as well as an ad-free interface. Download TubeMate today and start downloading YouTube videos for free.


As the name already suggests, KeepVid is an online video downloading app. It has become so popular over the recent years only due to the fact that it provides YouTube video downloading for free. Keepvid is absolutely free to use and it can download YouTube videos in HD. There are over 1 billion YouTube videos and with KeepVid you will be able to download every single one of them for free. There are so many features in this app that had made KeepVid one of the finest YouTube downloading apps of the time. You will also be able to download HD movies from YouTube for free with KeepVid. Download KeepVid online for Android devices (smartphones and tablets) to find out more.


Snaptube is a YouTube downloader cum movie downloader that is free of cost. It does not cost even a single buck and you can download so many shows, movies, cartoons and of course, the YouTube videos for free with it. If there is a YouTube video, you can download it for free with Snaptube. Thus, download Snaptube today for Android smartphones and tablets.


YTD is a popular app known as YouTube Downloader. It allows free video downloading from YouTube and some other apps as well. Apart from all that there is also an option to convert the downloaded videos from one format to another. Thus, if you want to extract audio from a video, YTD has options for that as well. Thus, there are so many amazing features of YTD that can be experienced once you download this small sized app. Download YTD for Android today.

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